Customed information display solutions are used to display the most relevant and customized content in the most easy to comprehend manner, delivering vital information to target audiences across all types of industries under different circumstances.

The information display solution would be built according to specific requirements of each customer. The offering is much more than a general screen in the market. The customized information display solution integrates industrial knowledge and product requirements of customers with technological expertise in software development and electronic display design of the highest quality, for an ideal solution tailored to transform industry and achieve desired goals.


The bespoke information display system is developed on-demand. Offering customization options including:

  • Size of display
  • Casing model (material & color)
  • Touch screen option
  • Display content & format
    (including interface layout, tailored icons font size…)
  • Operation system

Add-on Functions Beyond Information Display

Data Logging

Analytical Dashboard



Security Setting


The display solution can wirelessly connect or integrate with customer’s central database, so information displayed in the screen will always sync with the latest update of customer’s database automatically. For fulfilling different requirements, additional functions can be added, such as data logging function, analytical dashboard, security setting, intercom functions, alert functions etc.